Veryfi extracts from each receipt:

  • Vendor name & address: even from a logo alone ~ hello ML (Machine Learning),
  • Totals inc. subtotal, taxes, GST, HST, VAT et al,
  • Tips (even handwritten ~ hello ML again,
  • Date & Time,
  • Card type ~ Visa, Amex, Mastercard et al.,
  • Invoice #
  • Auto Currency conversions when traveling overseas,
  • Categorizes the receipt based on your local accounting tax codes and
  • OCR text
  • More Invoice meta,
  • Line by line purchases with individual categorization and
    few other surprises being brewed in our R&D house 🙂

And this data is neatly presented inside Veryfi mobile apps and web portal.

Enjoy these superhuman powers with limited to 0 data-entry and super fast 3 second processing, extraction and categorization.

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