If you have photos of your receipts stored in your cloud storage provider like Dropbox then Veryfi can slurp them up fast. No need to manually upload each one. Let Veryfi's Cloud Slurp do the heavy lifting.

What will happen

Our automated robots pull your receipt photos and documents out of those Cloud providers and push them directly into Veryfi mobile app. Think of this like the opposite to our Connected Apps where we push data out to those cloud storage providers.

How to activate this

  1. Connect Dropbox. Instructions: https://www.veryfi.com/connected-apps/dropbox-web-based-file-hosting-sync/
    It's free so even if you don't intend to use it long term grab a free account.
  2. Once connected, you will see an Upload folder inside Dropbox called "Veryfi Receipts". Drop or move your receipts (png, jpg, pdf, html, txt or docx format) into this folder.
  3. Give it few hours and you will see all those photos processed and available inside Veryfi hub & mobile apps.

Need help?
Contact us support@veryfi.com

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