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Meet the new design of Veryfi iOS Expense app
Meet the new design of Veryfi iOS Expense app
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Veryfi is constantly working on improving the user experience.

The latest version of Veryfi Expense app for the iOS platform includes personalization and accessibility features that put people at the center. Hope you enjoy it!

Reasons behind this huge step:

  1. Your feedback, thank you, with every message you share to you help you get better ๐Ÿ™

  2. We decided to redesign our app to give you a better experience and follow the latest Apple guidelines, which make the app look more iOS native to our user's eyes.

  3. New design follows the latest design standards for mobile apps and has a cleaner look.

What changed with a new design:

  • Login and setup

  • Dashboard

  • Settings flow

  • Line items edit

  • Document detail UI

  • All forms have Apple native look

  • Payment Type

  • Account section

  • Tabs (both inbox and bottom tabs)

  • And many more small improvements inside the app

A quick look at a new app design

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Document Details update - now swipe


Tags & Categories

Profile settings

Payment Type display

Payment Types display settings

Based on your use-case


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