What Is a Purchase Order?

A purchase order is a document given from a buyer to a seller that details the quantity, prices, and total cost of requested goods and services. Depending on the level of detail required to specify the items and services being purchased, a company might use a different type of purchase order, such as a standard, planned, blanket, or contract purchase order.

A purchase order is used to agree on:

  • Transaction details

  • Payment terms

  • The fulfillment and delivery timeline

  • Additional commercial issues or restrictions

A part of the larger procure-to-pay (P2P) lifecycle, the purchase order initiates the purchasing process. A PO is the document that triggers an invoice from a supplier or vendor. The invoice should specify the PO by number.

After both parties have agreed on the terms and the seller has accepted the purchase order, the PO becomes a legally binding contract. This means the PO can be used as collateral for credit terms from finance institutions, as a declaration for import pre-approval from customs, and as a manifest for export. The PO could also serve as the basis for a legal claim or suite should the terms not be fulfilled.

As the first step in the purchasing process, the purchase order streamlines the entire transaction because it defines all aspects of the fulfillment. And, if something does go wrong, there is a paper trail to reference. With a PO, buyers and sellers can transact with confidence.

The PO data can be categorized into three levels:

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

· Merchant’s name
Purchase amount
· Date
· Billing zip code

Everything from Level 1, plus
· Sales tax amount
· Tax indicator
· Customer code
· Merchant postal code
· Merchant tax ID
· Order number

Everything from Levels 1 & 2, plus
· Item commodity code
· Product description
· Product code
· Unit price
· Quantity
· Unit of measure
· Line items totals
· Discount amount
· Shipping amount
· Duty amount

*And Veryfi supports it all.

Expected Day 1 Accuracy for PO

Each purchase order should include the following data :

  • Unique PO number - "purchase_order_number"

  • Purchase order date -"order_date"

  • Buyer’s name, address, and contact information - "bill_to" details

  • Vendor’s name, address, and contact information - "vendor" details

  • Shipping address (if different from the buyer address) - "ship_to" ,"ship_date"

  • List of items purchased. For each item, specify:

    • Item name

    • SKU number

    • Description

    • Quantity

    • Unit price

    • Line total

  • Subtotal (including applicable discounts, shipping cost, and taxes) -

  • Payment due date - "due_date"

  • Delivery due date - "delivery_date"

  • *and many more..

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The full list of fields Veryfi extracts can be found inside your user account API schema

The field's description can be found here.

* Please note, that not all the fields are available by default, you might need to reach out to support@veryfi.com to request that.

The Benefits of Veryfi’s AI-Driven Data Extraction Solution for Purchase Orders

AI-Driven Data Input Significantly Increases Data Capture Accuracy

AI-Powered OCR Processes Document Data in Seconds

Automated PO Data Extraction, Driven by AI, Maximizes Efficiency

Veryfi’s 100% AI-driven data extraction solution eliminates the need for tedious manual data entry. Whereas manual data entry can yield an error rate of 30%, Veryfi’s AI-driven data extraction solution increases purchase order data capture accuracy to 97% or higher.

Veryfi’s out-of-the-box, data extraction solution for Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) completely removes humans from the loop. Combining AI and OCR, Veryfi automatically captures, extracts, and transforms unstructured data (plain text contained in documents such as purchase orders) into structured data (data computers can analyze in seconds) to provide valuable business intelligence and actionable insights.

Automated data extraction accelerates the P2P lifecycle, increasing efficiency and reducing costs. For large enterprises, intelligent automation of back office processes is essential to gaining timely, actionable insights while controlling the budget.

How to process a Purchase Order ?

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