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Using GPS with geofencing and floor detection, you can enable automatic tracking of time spent on projects without lifting a finger

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Veryfi can track automatically your time spent on projects using GPS, geofencing and floor detection. Assuming you have setup your Projects and Teams correctly, you can now enable automatic clock in/out tracking.


  • "Location Services" must be enabled for this to work. Geofencing requires the use of GPS to locate the individual. If you disabled this when you 1st installed the app then please re-enable it in your phones Settings for the Veryfi app.

  • Enabling automatic clock ins is done on an individual device only. Some users who do not wish to share "Location services" will not be able to use this option hence a user option.

How to

  1. Start the Veryfi Timesheets app

  2. Navigate to Settings (footer nav)

  3. Flip the "Enable automatic clock ins" switch (as shown below)

And that's it.

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