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Expense Management App
Expense Management App

SMB Product [SaaS, $15/mo, Mobile app + Web portal]

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Video Series for AccountantsGetting started for Accountants
Veryfi for Accountants & BookkeepersWhat makes Veryfi an ideal service for Accountants and Bookkeepers wanting to modernize their client's bookkeeping
Veryfi for Accountants Intro. Video TutorialPractice Management Software you need
Getting Started for Accountants. Video TutorialsVeryfi for Accountants is an Accounting Practice Management Portal for Accountants and Bookkeepers
How to Manage your Client's Billing. Video Tutorials.Manage your client's billing all by yourself using Veryfi's simplified self-serve billing portal
How to manage Clients with Different CurrenciesHave Clients that work with different Currencies and have different Date Formats? No worries!
Client Portal TipsOnce you added a Client, here's what you need to know about the CLIENT Portal view
ToDo Bell Notifications for your Client AccountsWhat does the bell icon with a number next to my client account mean?
Partner Program by Veryfi for Accountants. Video Tutorials.Your Accountant profile listed on Trusted Advisor Circle
How to invite my accountant or bookkeeper to my Veryfi booksForget the old school methods of doing this. No more sending or faxing paper documents at the end of the year.
Give a team member access to your Clients
How to manage my Veryfi ClientsFor Accountants, Bookkeepers, CPAs and Trusted Advisors wanting to manage their client books (account)
How to use the Client Management portalAccountant Practice Management Software by Veryfi
How to Remove Clients from Your BillingFor Accountants, Bookkeepers, CPAs and Trusted Advisors looking to remove a client from their subscription

PDF Splitter in VeryfiMultipage PDFs with separate invoices inside - not a problem anymore!
All Collection Methods Overview. Video Tutorials.Scan, Upload, Email, Dictate, Type etc..
Veryfi Reporting Video TutorialExpense, P&L, Job Costing, Monthly Activity Reports etc.
How to upload receipts using your browserDrag and drop your receipts, bills, invoices, airbnb csv ledger etc into Veryfi's web app for real-time OCR processing
How to Export Line Items from your Veryfi InboxExporting line items into CSV file
How to Generate Last Month ReportVeryfi sends Last Month's Report automatically on the 2nd of each new month. Here's how to generate your own.
How to Email your Receipts, Bills & Invoices to VeryfiWatch these video instructions to get more insights
What is my email address?How to email receipts like hotel receipts, pos receipts or bills to Veryfi Inbox
How to. Gmail Setup for Bill & Receipt Collection direct into VeryfiSet Gmail Autoforwarding to Veryfi
How to set Outlook to automatically forward Bills to Veryfi?Use rules in Outlook Web App to automatically forward messages to another account
I forwarded receipts to my Veryfi email, but I can't see them inside the appWhere have my digital emails gone to?
Add a Tag or Category to your email receiptsJust add Tag(s) or Category to the end of the subject line
How to Manually Add ReceiptsUse to manually collect documents
What ways can I collect receipts?
How to Stitch Additional Receipts to an Existing Inbox Transaction with Veryfi web app?How to add a 2nd receipt to an existing transaction in your inbox.
What email do I forward digital receipts, bills & invoices to?Bill fetch & forward your digital receipts directly into Veryfi
Can I use my Apple Watch to Collect Expenses?Yes you can. Check out this short demo video of Veryfi running on Apple Watch.

Expense Reporting Explained. Video Tutorials.Video explains how to use Veryfi's Expense Reporting
Create a Yearly Report for 2018How to create an annual report for 2017, 2018, 2019 etc..
How to Generate a Logbook Report in CSV formatHere's how to generate a CSV report of all your drives. CSV files are comma separated value files and often used with Microsoft Excel.
How to print your Reports directly from mobileYou can print your expense report using your iphone or android app via air print
How do I export all my dataCreate a Report. It contains a zip of all your receipts.
How to Create a ReportGenerate / create a report using web app
How do I email reports?Emailing Veryfi Reports
How can I download all of my receipt images?Downloading your receipt images from Veryfi
Does Veryfi allow me to save the actual scanned invoice PDFs locally on my computer?I need to have all PDFs saved locally as a backup
Is there a way to download receipts that are entered through the app?Sometimes we need to provide copies to clients and it would be helpful if they could be compiled into an email.
How do I print my receipts for an entire year?How to get a list of all my receipts for the year
Why do my PDF reports contain both thumbnail images of receipts and large images?PDF reports contain large and small receipt images
I need my reports to show a different currency. Currently everything is converted to U.S. Dollars. Can I change this?Changing Veryfi default currency is done in your Profile Settings
Is there a way to add a conversion column for foreign currency and set the preference for CAD rather than USD?How to add a conversion column for managing foreign currency when you travel overseas