If a Payment for an Invoice has failed, Veryfi will make 4 more attempts within 2 weeks to charge your Credit Card, if no success,  then your subscription will be deleted. Once deleted we won't be able to recover your information

If you plan to continue using Veryfi and don`t want to lose your data, please go to Billing and Update your Credit Card information.

In case, if you don't plan to use Veryfi, we strongly recommend you export all your data before we delete your account and you lose access to it. Please check out this Article How do I export all my data.  

If you already successfully exported your Data and want to delete your Veryfi account immediately, please follow these instructions:  How do I delete / close my subscription?.

If you need to speak with us, please contact us on support@veryfi.com

Please note: 

If you had special terms or discounts applied you may lose it, if your subscription is  forced to cancel. Once cancelled, we won't be able to retrieve your discount or special pricing terms. 

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If you have any additional questions, please reach out to our support: support@veryfi.com

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