Veryfi offers you the choice to use 3 different products that help with your bookkeeping needs.

  1. MONEY app to manage your money out (spend) and money in (income) with real-time OCR for digitizing receipts, bills and invoices,
  2. TIMESHEETS app to manage your employee scheduled and allow them to clock in/out on projects, and
  3. LOGBOOK app to record all your drives for tax deductions.

You can change the subscription to these products at any time by:

  1. Login here
  2. Navigate to BILLING (left menu option) or go there direct via this link
  3. Then press MANAGE SUBSCRIPTION located in the header
  4. You will see something similar to this. Turn OFF or ON the products you want for the users on your team. That's it. The software will update the Total in real-time and the new price will be effective as of the following month.

Adding more users

If you want to add NEW users to your account, you need to do that inside MY TEAM (option in the left menu). You can read more about this here

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