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Languages supported by Veryfi OCR API
Languages supported by Veryfi OCR API

Veryfi works with most of the popular languages

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At Veryfi, we're committed to simplifying document processing with our advanced technology, bringing structure to unstructured data. Veryfi AI model supports an extensive range of languages, language groups, and currencies out of the box, allowing you to deal with documents from diverse regions around the world.

Languages supported by Veryfi:

  • Afrikaans

  • Arabic

  • Chinese

  • Croatian

  • Czech

  • Danish

  • Dutch

  • English

  • Estonian

  • Filipino

  • Finnish

  • French

  • German

  • Greek

  • Hebrew

  • Hindi

  • Hungarian

  • Indonesian

  • Italian

  • Japanese

  • Korean

  • Latvian

  • Lithuanian

  • Malay

  • Norwegian

  • Polish

  • Portuguese

  • Romanian

  • Russian

  • Slovak

  • Slovenian

  • Spanish

  • Swedish

  • Tamil

  • Thai

  • Turkish

  • Ukrainian

  • Vietnamese

In the data extraction process, currency and language are closely connected and play a crucial role in accurately interpreting and processing financial documents.

Different languages have unique grammar rules, date formats, and currency representations. Veryfi accurately interprets the language used in the document to ensure correct data extraction. For instance, date formats may differ between languages (e.g., "MM/DD/YYYY" in English and "DD/MM/YYYY" in French). Veryfi AI understands the language and the context to correctly interpret dates and other elements.

Learn more about the Date Format

Veryfi is capable to recognize and interpret the text in various languages and identify the corresponding currency symbols or codes.

List of currencies Veryfi supports:

"USD", "GBP", "CAD", "EUR", "ZAR", "AUD", "MXN", "COP", "JPY", "BRL", "INR", "PLN", "CHF", "CNY", "CZK", "QAR", "HKD", "AED", "SGD", "SEK", "DKK", "CLP", "NOK", "KRW", "TRY", "SAR", "ARS", "ILS", "PEN", "MYR", "PHP", "TWD", "IDR", "HUF", "THB", "NZD", "RUB", "UAH", "HRK", "VND", "RSD", "GTQ", "CRC", "RON", "JMD", "BGN", "AZN", "DOP", "EGP", "KES", "GHS", "NGN", "ANG", "MVR", "HNL", "PKR", "MAD", "OMR", "BWP", "JOD", "ISK", "BZD", "BBD", "MKD", "KZT", "NAD", "KWD", "BYN", "BAM", "XCD", "LKR", "ETB", "ZMW", "UYU", "TND", "BOB", "PYG", "BHD", "SZL", "AMD", "GEL", "BSD", "NIO", "MMK", "OHS", "XOF", "PAB", "ALL", "AOA", "BMD", "MZN", "LSL", "UZS", "BDT", "FJD", "GIP", "TTD", "TZS", "KGS", "MNT", "MUR", "CFP", "PGK", "AFN", "XPF", "IQD", "AWG", "GHC", "LBP", "BND"
Please read more about Currencies here

The connection between currency and language is essential for accurate data extraction from financial documents. Multilingual support and accurate language identification are crucial for processing documents from vendors worldwide and ensuring data accuracy in financial workflows. In its very broad meaning, it helps to cross-verify and validate the extracted results. For example, if the document is in French and the Veryfi identifies the currency as USD (rather than EUR, the currency typically used in France), it might indicate a potential error that requires further review or correction.

Country and Currency preferences can be set in Veryfi Web Portal Settings>Profile. Since every user account at Veryfi has it is own "mask" these settings will serve as a last resort in the data extraction process if no other context is available from the document.

Please reach out to if you have any questions on languages, currencies, or accuracy.

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