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What are the Plans & Prices for OCR API?
What are the Plans & Prices for OCR API?

Pricing information for the Veryfi OCR API

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Veryfi OCR API pricing is transaction-based. This means you pay for each document you push to the API for data extraction per month.

Billing Cycle

Monthly, We bill ahead.

API Usage Meter is available inside your Veryfi API Portal.

Free Plan

For Transactions 0 to 50 (per month)

  • Receipt: $0

  • Invoice (with line items): $0

Free plan includes 50 Documents in total (Receipts or Invoices).

Starter Plan

For Transactions 0 to 25,000 (per month)

  • Receipt: $0.08

  • Invoice: (with line items): $0.16

Monthly minimum $500, including 6,250 Receipts or 3,125 Invoices. All that user submits on top will be added to the next renewal Invoice

($0.08/Receipt & $0.16/Invoice ).

Custom Plan

For Transactions 25,000+ (per month)

  • Receipt: Volume Discounts

  • Invoice: Volume Discounts

No monthly minimum. Please reach out to to discuss pricing for volumes 25,000+ (per month).

Currency conversion: Our pricing is in US Dollars if you use another currency, the amount is calculated based on current exchange rates at the time of your invoice.

Please check out the Pricing page for more information:

Veryfi OCR API. Billing Explained:

Document Types Veryfi Supports

Veryfi OCR API is trained on Invoices, Bills, Hotel Folios, POs, Expense Receipts, FMCG/CPG Receipts, HSA/FSA Receipts, Tax forms, Cards, W2, W9s, Business Cards, Credit Cards and many more. Billing is calculated based on document type and transaction per month as follows. Read the full article on What Document Types Veryfi Supports

File Types Veryfi Supports

.jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif, .pdf, .bmp, .txt, .htm, .html ..heic, .heif, .avif, .zip, .ofd .txt...

Languages Veryfi Supports

English, Swedish, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Italian, French, German, Danish, Chinese, Norwegian Bokmal, Russian, Malay, Thai, Vietnamese...

Currencies Veryfi Detects

USD", "EUR", "CAD", "AUD", "GBP", "MXN", "ZAR", "JPY", "BRL", "INR", "CNY", "HKD", "QAR", "CHF", "COP", "CZK", "PLN", "KRW", "DKK", "SEK", "AED", "NOK", "MYR", "TRY", "CLP", "SGD", "ARS", "UAH", "SAR", "RUB", "TWD", "ILS", "NZD", "PHP", "HUF", "VND", "PEN", "IDR", "HRK", "THB", "RSD", "MVR", "CRC", "JMD............

Please contact or use the Online Chat Facility for special pricing and SLA options.

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