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PHP SDK for Veryfi's OCR API
PHP SDK for Veryfi's OCR API
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Full instructions on PHP SDK can be found inside Veryfi PHP Github Repository

Or just press this magic button below


Any feedback, positive or negative, keeps Veryfi growing and improving! While working with the SDK, you may encounter bugs or issues. If you do, please open an issue on the Veryfi PHP Github Repository

GitHub issues: if you want to leave public feedback, please open a GitHub issue in the Veryfi PHP Github Repository Doing so may also help any other users experiencing the same problem and grow the conversation. We make sure to evaluate issues on our end too, so we can address them in future releases.

Contact us: If you want to speak with our team privately to ask questions, give feedback, or make a feature request, please email us at

If you found a bug in this library or would like new features added, then open an issue or pull requests against this repo!

Need help?

If you run into any issue or need help installing or using the library, please contact

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