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How to Delete a Document from Veryfi
How to Delete a Document from Veryfi

GUI/Veryfi Web Portal or Direct API call

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There are 2 options for how users can delete a Document from Veryfi:

  1. DELETE API call

  2. Graphic User Interface Veryfi Web Portal

Let's look at these options closer:

Deleting a Document via a DELETE API call

To delete a Document via API call, you can perform Delete a Document function.

Request samples can be found inside API Documentation

HTTP Request

DELETE ENVIRONMENT_URL/api/v8/partner/documents/DOCUMENT_ID/

Where DOCUMENT_ID is "id" parameter from your JSON response.

Deleting a Document via Veryfi Portal:

To delete a single Document, navigate to a three-dots icon and select Delete option:

To delete multiple Documents, select specific Documents or select all Documents on the page and hit Delete option from Bulk Actions:

If you need to delete Documents based on specific criteria (Category, Tag, Vendor, Invoice number etc), you can expand Advanced Filters settings and select Category, Tag, Vendor or use Search option.

Please note, once a user deletes a Document this Document and JSON data will no longer be available to retrieve.

For more information, feel free to check Document Retention Management, Data Centers location and Veryfi Privacy Policy.

Frequently asked questions:

Q: I deleted a Document by mistake, is there any way Veryfi could help restore it?

A: Unfortunately no.

Q: How long does Veryfi store my data?

A: We store your data for as long as your account is active. If you would like Veryfi to delete your account and remove all the data, feel free to send a request to

Have additional questions? Please contact us at

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