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Document Retention Management

Veryfi stores your data in a secure cloud environment for as long as your Veryfi account is active.

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As per Veryfi Privacy Policy: Veryfi stores your data in a secure cloud environment for as long as your Veryfi account is active.

What options do I have for document retention?

Veryfi serves many different use cases and offers a range of data retention options.

Users can delete the data from the GUI Veryfi Web Portal:

  1. Users can delete the data via a DELETE API call. If needed, users can create a routine to use the DELETE API method to enforce their data retention requirements. For example, a process that uses the API GET call for all documents over one year old, then for each result calls the DELETE method.

  2. Users can use the auto_delete option. This parameter sent along with the API POST request deletes a record from Veryfi right after the document processes. In this case, we remove all information about the document as soon as we return the JSON. Please note that auto_delete disables model training for those documents. If you will need model training, we recommend you do not use auto_delete for documents that should be in scope for model training.

*For more information on how to delete your data, please refer to this FAQ

Veryfi’s data storage location

Veryfi uses Amazon Web Services (AWS), a Subsidiary of that provides on-demand cloud computing platforms. AWS is Veryfi’s IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service). A category of cloud services which provides capability to provision processing, storage, intra-cloud network connectivity services, and other fundamental computing resources of the cloud infrastructure.

  • By default, Veryfi stores the data in AWS US (Oregon) data centers.

  • To comply with GDPR for European customers, data is stored in AWS EU (Ireland and Germany) data centers.*

*Please contact to request the EU Datacenter location.

If you would like to delete your account and remove all the data, please send a request to

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