Client ID, username, and API key

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To make API calls users need Client ID, username, and API key, which could be found inside the user account API Keys section.

More details on API keys inside API Docs

A CLIENT_SECRET is a private key known only to you/your application and the authorization server.

The API requests to Veryfi are signed so that Veryfi can identify who sent them.

When a user sends a POST request, the request is being encoded by the CLIENT_SECRET, "signature". A signed POST request is a request itself + signature from a request. The server receives a request and signature. It can then check this signature along with the signature on file. Since the authorized server knows the client_secret, it can validate and compare if the signature from the incoming request coincides with the signature on the server-side.

Users can encode the POST request payload, timestamp, and use the CLIENT_SECRET to sign it using SHA-256.

Since CLIENT_SECRET is essential to the application's own password. When using a Veryfi SDK, it automatically does the signing.

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