What file formats can Veryfi process?

Currently, you can import and process .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif, .pdf, .bmp, .txt, .htm, .html .

We also support .heic, .heif, .avif, .zip, .ofd .txt, . Please note, that by default, these file types are disabled for your user account. If you want to process

.heic, .heif, .avif, .zip, .ofd .txt, please, request it by contacting support@veryfi.com.

How does Veryfi work with Zip files?

.zip is a special case, it’s a package for all file types we support.

.zip can be used when users have multiple separate images or PDF files for the same Invoice/Receipt. When you submit .zip, the system combines those separate images or PDF files into 1 PDF and processes it as 1 Document. Please note, .zip file can be submitted via direct API call only. Files are ordered by the file name in alphabetical order.

There are other options for the use-case when users need to stitch multiple separate images or PDF files to 1 Document. Please check this Article on Stitching for more information: How to Stitch Additional Receipts to an Existing Inbox Transaction with Veryfi web app?

What file type to expect after a document is processed on Veryfi side:

img_url can contain urls to files in next formats - png, jpg, pdf
The general rule is that pdf is returned unless the submitted file is an png, jpg, heif image (zipped or not)

All what users submit with Mobile app or Lens will retain jpg extension.

.png -> .png
.jpg -> .jpg
.heif -> .jpg

.html, .gif, .ofd, .txt or multiple images - > .pfd

File requirements

For .pdf documents, 300 DPI is optimal.

Optimal image resolution is dependent on the size of print in the image. Generally, 1000px on the smaller dimension is recommended for images to avoid blur in images.

Please note, accuracy is largely dependent on the quality and clarity of the image and file size. The file size limit is 10Mb

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