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Migration Guide API v7 -> v8
Migration Guide API v7 -> v8

API v7 deprecation June 2024.

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As part of our commitment to delivering the latest and most secure services, we are excited to announce the complete migration from API Version 7 to Version 8. The transition is imperative to ensure continued access to our enhanced features and robust security measures. Below is a guide to assist you in smoothly migrating.

API v7 - Depreciation Date: June 2024
API Docs:

API v8 - Main API version since May 2022


API Version 8 brings significant improvements, including enhanced security features, optimized performance, and additional functionalities. To benefit from these advancements, it is essential to upgrade.

What this means for you

  • All users currently utilizing API Version 7 must migrate to Version 8 before the designated deprecation date to avoid service disruption.

  • Following the deprecation date, we will no longer provide support for API Version 7. It is crucial to transition to Version 8 to continue receiving the benefits and security compliance.

Steps to Take

  • Upgrade to Version 8: Please review our documentation and upgrade your systems to API Version 8 as soon as possible. This will ensure uninterrupted service.

  • Testing: We recommend thoroughly testing your applications with Version 8 to identify and address any potential compatibility issues before the deprecation date.

  • Support: If you encounter any challenges during the migration process or have questions, our support team is ready to assist you. Contact for prompt assistance.

Why v8?

  • More logical; improved JSON structure

  • More stable; e.g., v7 has a limitation for the number of documents users can request with the GET call

  • More flexible; e.g., in v8 there are more fields that users can update

  • More fields; v8 includes many fields beyond what v7 supports.

  • Feature Freeze; v7 has been in feature freeze since May 2022.

Changes and Improvements

Main Changes

The main differences between v7 and v8 of the Veryfi API are the request and response structure. Before making the switch to API v8, make sure you’ve reviewed the following breaking changes as these will require corresponding implementation changes in your application code.

Endpoint URL

Making the switch to version 8 is as simple as changing the version portion of the API endpoint URLs. For example, if you’re currently using version 7, you’re used to submitting documents for processing at this endpoint:

To switch to version 8, you’ll need to change that v7 to a v8 like so:

Boolean Parameters in Requests

API Version 8 abandons 1/0 style booleans for a more traditional true/false style of boolean.

Affected parameters:

  • return_audit_trail

  • confidence_details

  • bounding_boxes

  • auto_delete

  • boost_mode

  • parse_address

  • detect_blur

  • async

  • etc

Boolean in Responses

Similar to the above, booleans in responses have also been moved from the 1/0 style to true/false.

Affected fields

  • is_blurry

  • is_document

  • is_duplicate

  • is_money_in

  • etc

​JSON Response Structure Changes

  • abn_number, vat_number, phone_number and all fields with the vendor_ prefix at the root level have been moved inside the vendor object

  • the vendor_ prefix on all vendor fields has been stripped

  • all fields with bill_to_ prefix have been moved into the bill_to object

  • all fields with ship_to_ prefix have been moved into the ship_to object

  • all fields with payment_ prefix have been moved into the payments object

  • created -> created_date

  • updated -> now updated_date

  • end many more

New fields

More than 15 new JSON fields have been introduced to v8.


Version 8 introduces pagination to document GET requests. This provides control over how many documents are returned per search query and allows for short response times when a query results in a large number of documents.

To enable pagination, simply specify the page and page_size query string parameters. For example, this request will return the first 50 documents:

curl --location --request GET '' \
--header 'CLIENT-ID: **********' \
--header 'AUTHORIZATION: apikey *********:**********'

Please refer to API documentation v8 and v7 for more details.

Testing Procedures:

Reach out if you need to set up a test environment to simulate the migration process. Thoroughly test all functionalities to ensure your system compatibility with Version 8 before the full switch.

Transition Timeline

Plan your migration within the specified timeline to avoid service disruption.

Planned depreciation date: June 1, 2024

Support and Assistance:

If you encounter challenges during the migration, reach out to our support team at for prompt assistance or your Technical Account Manager.

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