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Can I have a Sandbox or Dev environment?
Can I have a Sandbox or Dev environment?

I need different api keys for dev environment - ask

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By default, API user accounts are being created with one set of unique API Keys.

Depending on a workflow, users can utilize API Keys for either Production environment or Development environment (where several versions of a product or update are being worked on and tested).

If your workflow requires having both Production environment and Development environment to work with Veryfi OCR API, you can request and additional API Key (different to one you use already) by submitting a request to

Please note:

  • Sandbox profile is not included in a free support plan. Please check SLA options with us by contacting

  • By default, Sandbox profile is limited to 100 documents (equivalent to API FREE plan limits). In case you want unlimited volume for your dev environment, please reach out to, in this case, the volume processed in this Sandbox profile will be added to your billing.

Your current API Key can be found inside your Veryfi account in Settings section> Keys

When we add a Dev environment you should be able to switch between profiles inside your primary account.

From the left-hand side menu press the Profiles dropdown and it will reveal all your profiles. Then press the profile you want to switch into. That’s it. Every time you switch profiles you will see the Profile icon update to the profile you switched to.

If you have any questions or need any assistance, feel free to contact us by sending an email to

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