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QR + Barcodes, PDF417, EAN, UPC, Code128, Code39, I25

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By default, barcode detection is off for all users. This add-on feature can be enabled as per request, if you would like Veryfi to detect and read barcodes from documents you process, please send a note to support@veryfi.com.

Veryfi looks for a barcode inside the image or a document, reads it, and returns extracted information in the text field.


  • Barcode detection can increase processing time

  • The boost_mode skips barcode detection

  • Current limitation: we don't analyze the information encoded in a barcode.

  • Currently supported: QR + Barcodes, PDF417, EAN, UPC, Code128, Code39, I25

  • Current limitation: Veryfi is supposed to find and read a barcode if it is located on the first 3 pages of a document.

Please note that successful barcode extraction highly depends on the image quality, please read What Affect Accuracy guide in order to self-debug cases when Veryfi fails to extract data from the barcode.

Interested in bringing duplicate detection to another level by comparing the insights of decoded Barcodes? contact support@veryfi.com for more details.

Have questions, please contact support@veryfi.com

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