What affects data extraction accuracy
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Factors that affect accuracy:

Document/Image quality

High-quality images with sufficient resolution and clarity. Higher-resolution images reduce the chances of OCR errors and make it easier for the extraction model to interpret the text accurately. The text within the images should be clear and legible. Distorted, skewed or crumpled images may hinder accurate character recognition and text alignment.

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Data representation

The model is confident in extraction results for frequent vendors representing particular domains & industries involved. For low volume cases, extraction results may not be stable until the confidence gained by providing more data for similar cases. Each domain/industry/vendors may have its own unique challenges, formats, and terminology.

Feedback loop

It is also possible that the model has a vast amount of data representation for a particular case but lacks proper training on how to extract the data accurately. This is where model training can be beneficial. In the case of low volume vendors, there may be ample feedback available to improve extraction accuracy. However, for frequent vendors, there might be a lack of specific feedback in this particular field, causing the model to be unaware of the correct extraction method.

Take action. During model training sessions, all the changes made by users to processed documents are incorporated. This means that any corrections, updates, or feedback provided by users directly contribute to the refinement and enhancement.
Whenever you encounter any inaccuracies or errors in the extracted data, you can correct them using the PUT, POST, and DELETE operations provided by Veryfi's API. By making these corrections, you provide valuable feedback that helps train and refine the Machine Learning models.

Read more about Model Training at Veryfi.

If you continue to encounter issues with the new model failing to read specific parts of your documents, we are here to assist you.

Please reach out to our support team at support@veryfi.com. Provide us with comprehensive details and context regarding the problem.

  • Collect examples of issue (Document ID and/or source document file)

  • Provide expected results

  • Provide background on Severity and Priority

    • Estimated impact on a specific field across multiple vendors

    • Estimated impact for a specific document / vendorAttach the original file and JSON response, and specifically highlight the exact parameter that Veryfi is unable to extract. Our dedicated technical team will gladly review your case and provide assistance.

By collaborating and exchanging data from both ends, we can expedite the process of enhancing accuracy.

Our goal is to ensure that Veryfi consistently delivers accurate results, and we appreciate your proactive engagement in helping us achieve this objective.

Please, reach out to support@veryfi.com if you have any questions.

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