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Have unique requirements? Look no further! Custom Fields with Regular Expressions

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Veryfi supports 180+ data fields, with line item details, in 39 languages and 89 currencies.

For anything that’s not out of the box, however, we added data transformation rules so now you can add custom fields to our JSON response at the document or line item level. This means your data extraction fields are now limitless!

What Are Custom Fields and How to Use Them

Add custom fields for Regex under Data Transformations > Rules. Create custom rules under “Add Rule” with conditions at both the Document level and Line Item level.

You have the option to apply Regex so you can search for the presence of any static value.

Check out this video of custom fields being added in order to extract more information from a receipt at both the line item and document levels.

❗️ We strongly recommend utilizing our custom fields feature for highly unique and custom use cases only. This functionality proves invaluable when dealing with specific data extraction needs that may not fall under our supported cases and fields.

In instances where the model extraction results for supported cases and fields may not be consistent or stable, we encourage you to consider two options:

1️⃣ Model Training: Train the model to adapt and improve its performance on your specific use case. This ensures more accurate and reliable extraction results tailored to your requirements. Our platform provides the necessary tools and resources to facilitate model training effortlessly. Model training.

2️⃣ Reporting to Veryfi Data Engineering Team: If you encounter persistent issues or face challenges despite model training, our dedicated data engineering team is here to assist you. Feel free to reach out to us via email at We possess the expertise and knowledge to analyze your use case, identify areas for improvement, and provide effective solutions.

At Veryfi, we strive to deliver exceptional data extraction capabilities and ensure that your unique needs are met. Don't hesitate to leverage custom fields and collaborate with our team to achieve optimal results.

Simple Steps:

  1. Go to Data Transformation → Rules, Add Rule

  2. Select next:

    1. Condition: Select your condition

    2. Filter: Use regex rule to get a particular custom field from OCR text*

    3. Apply Regex: ON

    4. Apply: Document > Custom FIeld

    5. Key: Type in field name

    6. Rule: Insert regex rule

    7. Apply Regex: ON

  3. Click Save

  4. Send few samples to process and see the results

❗️Custom fields are an add-on feature and may not be enabled for plan. If you’re interested in adding custom fields, please contact us at email.

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