Under the default settings you can choose how to upload receipts. 

What you are probably looking for is to upload your invoices/receipts as Purchases into Xero.

You can update your default settings to do this:

Also you can make the change for each individual receipt: 

In the Veryfi mobile app: 

  • Tap on the receipt you would like to edit

  • Tap on Xero Receipt Settings

  • Change the way you would like to upload the receipt 

In the Veryfi web app:

  • Click on the Documents tab (left navigation menu)

  • Click on "View" for the receipt that needs to change

  • Inside the pop up you will see the "Xero Receipts Settings" tab

  • Make any required adjustments there

Note: It usually takes ~1-3 minutes to sync the changes from Veryfi to Xero.

You can also find more details about Xero integration here: https://www.veryfi.com/xero

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