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How do I connect Saasu to Veryfi?
How do I connect Saasu to Veryfi?
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When you use Veryfi to capture your receipts, you can also automatically send them to your Saasu account.

Saasu is an Australian owned company that develops online accounting software. It is distributed using the software as a service model. Saasu capabilities include sales, purchasing, inventory, payroll, CRM, point of sale, document and workflow management, global search and tagging.


Follow these simple steps below and your Veryfi and QuickBooks Online accounts will be connected in no time.

1. Inside Veryfi mobile app navigate to Settings > Integrations.
If you are using Veryfi web applications, it’s in the Settings> Connected Apps:

2. From the list, press “SaaSu” to begin the integration process.

3. A prompt will ask you to log in to your Saasu account. (Rest assured when using Veryfi, your information is safe and encrypted (AES) over HTTPS.)

4. After logging in, another prompt will ask you to allow Veryfi to upload your receipts bills and expenses into Saasu. Press “Connect.”

Once you have logged in. You will be presented with a series of configurable options. They include:

  • Default Tax Code – if you don’t know this you can leave it blank,

  • Default Expense Type – select one from the drop down menu and how to handle new receipts pushes to Saasu ie. auto push using our Rules Engine or manual.

  • If you selected “Auto-upload all my receipts to Saasu”, a new Rule will be created in the Rules section. You can manage this and many other custom rules from there. Take a peek and learn about the power of automation in Veryfi.

5. Finally, you will see a thank you screen that everything is now done. Press “Done” in the header navigation or the back arrow to go back to the Connected Apps screen.



If you select “Auto-upload all my receipts to Saasu” during the setup of Saasu. This means that all new receipts being scanned in will be pushed into Saasu automatically.


If you select “I will choose documents to upload to” during the setup of Saasu, it means that you would need to actually chose documents you want to sync to Saasu.

  1. Select multiple documents in bulk from Documents list view and choose option "Sync to Saasu"

2. Open a document and navigate to Saasu tab inside the Documents details and press "Upload"

What to expect inside Saasu


Veryfi is constantly connected to Saasu Online and every change you make in Veryfi will be synced to your Saasu within 1-2 minutes. For example, if you modify the total amount or change the expense category for a receipt, there is no need for an extra action to trigger the upload. Veryfi collects all of your changes and syncs them to Saasu every 3 minutes.


  1. Veryfi syncs documents in Active status only. If you Archived the document and want to sync it to Saasu you need to Unarchive it first. Same with syncing all the changes from Veryfi to Saasu. If you want to change something inside the document that is already synced to Saasu and Archived, you should Unarchive it, then make necessary adjustments & make sure the edits were applied to a document inside Saasu and only then you can Archive it back. You can read more about Archiving documents here:

  2. Veryfi allows users to stitch additional images to an already existing documents. Please note, if you stitch an additional image to a document that has already been synced to Saasu, unlike other edits or changes to a document details, this update will not be synced to Saasu.


After connecting Veryfi to Saasu, you can change your default integration settings at any time. Editing these settings in the mobile app can be done by swiping the Saasu cell in Settings > Integrations. Edit and Disconnect options will appear, and you can make any changes you’d like.

You can also edit default settings in your Web Portal on the Settings > Connected Apps page.

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