What are your Plans and Prices?

Veryfi Subscription Pricing is Valued Based, Not Transactional

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1. For Business Owners, Employees & Contractors

Try 2 products for 14 days and then opt-in only to those you want to subscribe to.

Full feature comparison: https://www.veryfi.com/full-features/

2. For Corporate Clients (10+ users)

Are you looking to have more than 10 active users on Veryfi? Contact our support (via chat or send us an email to sales@veryfi.com) and we will tell you about discounts we offer to our corporate clients.

3. For Accountants, Bookkeepers & CPAs

Your clients trust you to make the right bookkeeping software decisions. We help you meet those needs. We offer a practice management software for you to help manage your client's bookkeeping and also run your practice. More here https://www.veryfi.com/trusted-advisors/

4. For Enterprise Firms

Same products listed above (Money & Timesheets ) are also available for our corporate clients.

Bulk discounts for enterprise clients with seats 50+ are available. Please contact us on sales@veryfi.com

5. Real-time OCR API + Mobile Lens SDK

Add AI to your bookkeeping via the World Leading OCR and Capture API by Veryfi. Veryfi’s AI recognizes printed text (OCR) and hand-printed text (ICR) on images, converts image, HTML, and pdf documents to searchable PDF or editable Microsoft Office formats, and extracts data from receipts, bills & invoices using Veryfi’s REST API. More: https://www.veryfi.com/receipt-ocr-api/


Yes. Veryfi engine is 100% machine powered with real-time auto-scaling based on demand. This means it has no limit. However, to filter out system abuse on the unlimited account and promote fair use, the Veryfi AI will set a default cap per new user to 300 documents (receipts, invoices, or bills) per month. If you have been a customer of Veryfi for sometime and need this raised, then please reach out to support@veryfi.com and we can go over options that will give you uncapped limits. We believe this will drive a fair use behavior.

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