Construction by Veryfi

Automated time & materials tracking app with team visibility across projects.

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Construction by Veryfi is an automated time & materials tracking app with project management built into the foundations.

Construction by Veryfi connects the field and office providing financial stakeholders the data they need in real-time. (not at the end of the month).

Construction by Veryfi is a part of the Veryfi Ecosystem of apps built on a secure data-privacy centered platform. The app uses proprietary machine learning algorithms and machine vision to automate data entry of receipts & bills from pictures, digital email & voice (dictation) in real-time while providing real-time insights into teams & projects in the field. All Veryfi mobile apps follow our unique VME values to minimize battery consumption & provide a delightful mobile experience online or offline.

Construction by Veryfi is built for Builders in the field to track and automate data entry of Time & Materials across Projects.

Timesheets Time Tracker available on:

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