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How to Generate a Logbook Report in CSV format
How to Generate a Logbook Report in CSV format

Here's how to generate a CSV report of all your drives. CSV files are comma separated value files and often used with Microsoft Excel.

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[1] Using your browser, login to Veryfi Hub

[2] Go to Logbook section (note the tab Unclassified and Classified drives).

Also make sure the date range is the correct on you want the data on. If not, then change the Preset or Start/End Dates and hit Apply before continuing with the next step.

[3] Then from the Filters menu, make sure all the columns you want in the report are selected (as shown below):

[4] Finally, export the data as CSV by pressing the Excel icon next to the column selector (as shown below):

[5] The CSV file will look similar to this:

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