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How to turn off todo bell notification

Don't like the ringing bell showing you a summary of todos? Here's how to turn it off

Updated over a week ago

By default the todo bell notification is is turned on.

The list of notifications shows you what the Veryfi AI missed and requires your input to correct it (and also teach the Veryfi AI).

How to turn it off

  1. Press SETTINGS in the todo notifications dropdown (see above) or go directly to the settings uring this URL:

  2. Find the "SHOW TODO BELL NOTIFICATIONS" Switch (as shown below) and press the switch changing it to OFF position.

  3. Finally, press the BLUE save button on the very bottom far right of the page.


NOTE for Mobile

If changes aren't visible inside your mobile app, then please try FORCE RESTARTING the whole app ie. from multitask view swipe up to close app and then start it back up so it can fetch updated settings.

Instructions on how to force restart an iPhone app:

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