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ToDo Bell Notifications for your Client Accounts
ToDo Bell Notifications for your Client Accounts

What does the bell icon with a number next to my client account mean?

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This article is for Accountants and Bookkeepers managing their Clients using Veryfi's Client Command Center. A One Secure Vault for all your Client’s Bookkeeping needs.

Below is a screenshot of my clients (demos in this instance).
Notice that one of them is showing a bell with the red circle number 3 above it?

This is telling you that ACME Company has 3 actionable tasks this month. This is what we refer to as the "ToDo Bell Notification" (more on that below).

ToDo Bell Notification

ToDo bell notifications help you close your client books faster and accelerate your bookkeeping tasks by surfacing this month’s actions. ie. todos. A full article on todo bell notifications is found here

When you MANAGE this client, in the header you will see a ringing bell. When clicked, it will expand to detail the exact todos (as shown below). Once you clear (action) those todos, the bell will stop shaking inside the client account and inside your Client Portal the bell will disappear until the next todo.

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