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How to Line Items Data Extraction
How to Line Items Data Extraction

Data Extraction from Bills, Invoices & Receipts in 3 seconds

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World's 1st machine powered end-to-end line-by-line item extraction from receipts, invoices and bills in seconds.

-No Templates

-No Queues or Waiting

-No Humans in the Loop

3 SECONDS and your Document is ready!    It’s FAST and Accurate!


Veryfi uses machines end-to-end with heavy GPU machines in the AWS GovCloud VPS to run proprietary machine vision, machine learning and natural language processing algorithms to achieve this feat.


(a) Veryfi understands unstructured data to parse invoice line items without requiring templates, custom separator sheets or custom code.

(b) Veryfi is safe like Fort Knox; built with data-privacy at the core. Federal employees will enjoy the additional ITAR compliance and Healthcare employees HIPAA.

(c) The cost saving in eliminating boring and tedious data entry is also a win for any firm modernizing their back office to create a competitive advantage and move faster.

Today we are giving early access for you to test drive the world’s first machine powered line item extraction end-to-end. Powered by nothing more than 1s and 0s.

Take it for a test drive:

  1. Be a registered user or Sign up for 14 free trial here 

  2. Navigate to Settings > Profile *

  3. Enable the "Automatically extract line items on documents" option

*You can enable Line Item extraction inside web hub only
**If you have multiple profiles Line Item extraction should be enabled for each profile.

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