Our banking provider, Yodlee, supports over 9,000 financial institutions globally for you to connect to and pull your transactions from automatically.
Having said that, there are still some that are either not yet supported due to lack of demand for that institution, or because legislative or technical circumstances prevent it.

If you're unable to link your account for automated transaction downloading, you have the option of adding the account for manual transaction importing. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Bank Feeds page

  2. Click Link Bank/Credit Card button

3. Click Add Manual Account at the bottom of the account connection screen

4. Enter all the relevant account details and click Add Account button

To learn about manually importing transactions into your accounts, see this article: http://faq.veryfi.com/en/articles/3670982-how-to-manually-import-transactions-into-bank-feed

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