Managing My Team Workspace
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My Team section is a workspace for your team. API product users can have an unlimited number of team members without incurring additional costs.

Team Member Types

  • Admin user - will have full access to a company account data & settings with rights to change team composition (add, deactivate or remove) users and their access level.

  • Non-Admin - will have access to their own user account data and profile settings, without the ability to see the data processed by other team members.

For security and safety reasons, there is now an additional control for Admin users to access API Keys or restrict it.

Admin users that have access to API Keys can grant API Keys access to another user Admin user. API Keys is company-sensitive information, a compromise and exposure of which can lead to data breaches or other undesired situations. Please note that when you add external people as team members to your company account.

Access to API Keys can be granted to Admin users only. For non-Admin access to API Keys is restricted.

How to Add a Team Member

  1. Log In to Veryfi Web Portal [ ]

  2. Go to My Team section: Settings > My Team [ ]

  3. Select Add Team Member

  4. Fill out the form [Full Name, Email, Role, Phone]

  5. Set permission for a new Team Member [Admin: yes/no & API Keys: yes/no]

  6. Confirm the invitation by hitting Add Team Member.

Once completed, Veryfi will send an email with a link for your Team Member to accept the invitation.

How to Update Permissions for an Existing Team Member

  1. Go to My Team section: Settings > My Team [ ]

  2. Press View for the Team Member

  3. Update permissions in a new popup [Admin: yes/no & API Keys: yes/no]*

* Please note that only Admin users who have access to API Keys can enable/disable API Keys access to another Admin user.

How to Deactivate a Team Member

  1. Go to My Team section: Settings > My Team [ ]

  2. Hit on three-dots tab and select Deactivate action in drop-down menu

How to Delete a Team Member:

  1. Deactivate the necessary user first, following the steps listed above

  2. Once Deactivated, hit on the three-dots tab and select DELETE action from drop-down menu

  3. Confirm your request to Delete. Click "Yes, Delete"

Deactivate vs Delete

We all make mistakes when in a hurry. To protect you from Deleting a user with all the data you might want to Deactivate this user first.

When you Deactivate a user:

  • historical data for this user remains available

  • user can no longer log in to his Veryfi Account and submit Documents

  • user can be re-Activated back whenever necessary

When you Delete a user:

  • user account and all historical data is being removed for good without the ability to restore.

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