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Separate different customers in one environment
Separate different customers in one environment

Using Veryfi engine inside your product? Use external_id parameter to differentiate your customers requests..

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How to separate different customers in one environment?

While Veryfi provides only one set of API keys (meaning one environment), the most convenient way to cater to multiple customers in one environment is to use tags or external_id functionality. Veryfi provides tools, but leaves the setting and logic flexible, so customers are free to determine the best implementation for their use case.
​external_id and tags enabled by default to all users and should be added as a parameter along with sending a POST request.


A custom identification value. Use this if you would like to assign your own ID to documents. This parameter is useful when mapping this document to a service or resource outside Veryfi.


A user-defined array of labels that can be used to categorize documents. Read more about Tags.
For more information, please visit API Docs

Can I have a Sandbox or Dev environment?

By default, API user accounts are being created with one set of unique API Keys.

Depending on a workflow, users can utilize API Keys for either Production environment or Development environment (where several versions of a product or update are being worked on and tested).

If your workflow requires having both Production environment and Development environment to work with Veryfi OCR API, you can request and additional API Key (different to one you use already) by submitting a request to

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