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How to Submit Multiple Pictures for the Same Document
How to Submit Multiple Pictures for the Same Document

Submit .zip or use file_urls

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If you have separate images or files that belong to the same invoice or receipt that you would like to process as one request, feel free to choose one of the methods described below.

Please Note:

  • To control the number of pages Veryfi should process out of sent data, use max_pages_to_process parameter.

  • Since a receipt is represented only as one page, sending multiple receipts may result in mismatched extraction.

1. Add multiple images or files to .zip and submit to Veryfi via API

.zip can be used when users have multiple separate images or PDF files for the same Invoice/Receipt. When you submit .zip, the system combines those separate images or PDF files into one PDF file and processes it as one Document.

Please note:

  • .zip file can be submitted via direct API call only. Files are ordered by the file name in alphabetical order.

  • When you put multiple receipts into a . zip, the system will consider them as multiple pages of the same transaction and won’t check for possible duplications of line items.

  • .zip file type should be enabled for all Veryfi users by default.

  • Feel free to read more about processing .zip files here.

2. Submit a request to process multiple files using file_urls

Parameter file_urls allows you to send a request with a list of publicly accessible URLs to multiple files, e.g. ["", ""]. Once Veryfi receives your request to process, the system will combine those multiple files into one PDF and process them as one Document.


  • If links are not accessible at the processing time (no public access) or are expired, the request will fail.

3. Submit a multi-page PDF to process

A PDF with multiple documents inside, sent to the Invoices/Receipts endpoint [..api/v8/partner/documents] will be processed as one Document as well.

If you need to split a multipage PDF into separate documents Veryfi offers a separate endpoint for splitting multi-page PDFs please check Splitter API. For more details please read PDF Splitter API FAQ

Please note:

  • There is a limit for the max pages Veryfi will process, by default, it is set to 15 pages.

  • Users can control the number of pages to read using the max_pages to process parameters sent along with a request.

  • The file size limit is 20Mb

Other notes:

  • Since all methods described above produce one API request and one document, billing-wise, it will be calculated as one transaction, either receipt or invoice depending on how classified on Veryfi side.

  • In terms of speed and performance zipped files sent as binary (file parameter) has the best performance.

  • Speed is greatly dependent on the number of files or images inside a request, the more pages the final document will have the slower the processing time can be. An average speed for a single JPG is around 3 seconds, while for a single-page PDF - 4 seconds, every page/image on top affects the processing speed. The file size limit is 20Mb

  • Please refer to Interactive API inside your account as the primary source of information for supported fields and parameters.

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