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"max_pages_to_process" Explained
"max_pages_to_process" Explained

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Within the realm of document processing, the parameter 'max_pages_to_process' plays a pivotal role in determining the number of pages that Veryfi can analyze and extract information from.

Let's take a closer look.

For Receipt/Invoice API max_pages_to_process is defaulted to 15 pages.

max_pages_to_process is a request parameter that controls how many pages of the document Veryfi should read and extract. A 15-page limit is currently enforced. It means that if user submits a 20-page PDF document, Veryfi will extract the data from the first 15 pages only.

Use case:

You have a 10-page PDF, but want Veryfi to extract information only from the first 1-5 pages and increase processing time. Just add {"max_pages_to_process" : X} to your API call and Veryfi will extract the data only from the first X pages, skipping the rest.

Please note the following file limitations/requirements:

For .pdf documents, 300 DPI is optimal.

Optimal image resolution is dependent on the size of print in the image. Generally, 1000px on the smaller dimension is recommended for images to avoid blur in images.

Please note, that accuracy is largely dependent on the quality and clarity of the image and file size. The file size limit is 20Mb

For Images, the image size should be equal to or bigger than 100 pixels (100x100).

Please note, that file compression tools reduce the image size and thus can affect the data extraction accuracy.

Please always refer to API Docs to obtain the most up-to-date information about fields and parameters.

Limits for other Veryfi APIs:

  • W9 - max_pages_to_process: 1

  • Checks - max_pages_to_process: 1

  • W2 - max_pages_to_process: 2*

    *max_pages_to_process capped to [1,2]. If you use any other value you will receive an error describing what’s wrong and why. [change from Sept 20, 2022]

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