Blur detection

Field "is_blurry" provides the insights of image quality

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Blur detection is a part of Veryfi Fraud Detection and Prevention Framework and an important signal Veryfi returns about the Document quality.

Given that the accuracy of document extraction heavily relies on image quality, it becomes crucial to have control over the image quality of the content provided by users, ensuring the reliability of extraction results.

Within Veryfi JSON response, the 'is_blurry' field plays a vital role in indicating the quality of an image, distinguishing between clear and blurry images. This field returns a boolean value (true or false) to assess the image's quality status.

It's important to note that the 'is_blurry' field is not activated by default for user accounts. If you wish to include this field in your JSON response, we kindly request you get in touch with our support team. Once enabled for your account, you can immediately expect this field to be available in your JSON response, granting you more control over image quality assessment."

🥤 Why should I pay attention to image quality and blur detection?

  1. Image Quality Matters: The quality of the receipt/invoice images directly affects the accuracy of data extraction. Blurriness makes it challenging to recognize and extract text accurately. Distorted characters or blurred shapes can lead to OCR errors or misinterpretation of the text, affecting the integrity of the extracted data.

  2. Enhance User Experience: is_blurry returned with true in your JSON response helps you sort & flag potential documents with possible poor data extraction results. If Veryfi powers your Expense Management/CPG loyalty or else product, by incorporating is_blurry field you can choose whether to pass this submission to your product or give end-users a friendly warning that the extraction results might need be verified/reviewed.

    As your trusted partner Veryfi guarantees that is_blurry can help you to enable smooth automation, improve the data accuracy you pass to your users, and ultimately enhance the overall experience by managing the expectations for the data extraction results.

While the is_blurry flag is something we return after processing the submission, you might be interested in preventing your users from submitting blurry or low-quality images using Veryfi Lens for mobile.

How to Interpret & Assumptions

When you submit a single document for processing, the response will contain a list consisting of one flag.

However, if you submit multiple receipts' URLs, multi-page documents, or a zip file within the same request, the response will include a list of multiple flags. Each flag corresponds to a specific page, allowing you to assess the status individually for each page in the response.

Responses example:
For one image:

"is_blurry": [false]

Meaning that the we think that this image is blurry

For a zip that has 3 images:

"is_blurry": [





Meaning that first two pages are Blurry and the 3rd one is OK

Still using v7 ?

Please note that the details above correspond to the most recent and current API version v8.

If you joined Veryfi before mid-2022 and have not migrated yet, then you need to follow these instructions: In v7 this is being controlled by detect_blur - request parameter that controls to return is_blurry field or not.

How to add

So in order to make is_blurry flag appear in your JSON you need to add

{"detect_blur": 1} to your API call when submitting a document to process.

How to interpret

is_blurry : 1 blurry

is_blurry : 0 not blurry

Read more about v7 / v8 difference here

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