Since accuracy is largely dependent on the image quality, one may want to control the quality of images they process. To get insights of the image quality, please follow the instructions below.

detect_blur - parameter that controls to return is_blurry filed or not.

is_blurry - field that flags if the image is ok or blurry.

In order to makes is_blurry flag to appear in your JSON you need to add

{"detect_blur": 1} for v7 {"detect_blur": true} for v8 to your API call when submitting a document to process.

Once added, you should expect + one field in your JSON response:

How to interpret

v7 []

is_blurry : 1 blurry

is_blurry : 0 not blurry

v8 []

is_blurry : true blurry

is_blurry : false not blurry

If you submit 1 document for processing, the response will be the list of 1 flag

If you submit multiple receipts in the same request, the response will be a list of multiple flags one per document.

Responses example:
For one document: [1] - document is blurry
For 3 documents: [0, 0, 1] - First two documents are Ok and the 3rd one is blurry

*in v8 {0 = false}; {1=true}

Please read more about v7 vs v8 difference here

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