PDF Splitter endpoint [new]

In - pdf with multiple invoices\receipts

Out - a list of separate documents

New endpoint:

Response body

"id": " 12345"

What is expected:

Veryfi will split the original PDF and process splitter items separately.

When processed, a notification will be sent to a client’s webhook similar to async processing.


If in your use case you don't use async and don't need a webhook notification you can still use https://api.veryfi.com/api/v8/partner/documents-set-async without adding "async": ture / false and having a webhook setup.

Sample of a webhook notification:

"event": "document.created",
"data": {"id": [1031, 1032, 1033],
"created": "2022-06-01 20:00:00"

"id" will contain a list of separate child documents created from the original parent, which can be queried with GET documents:

Known limitations

Splitting is based on:

  • Page numbers (present on all pages)

  • Invoice number (if the invoice number is different -> new document)

  • File size 20 Mb max

  • Page number 100 max

  • The endpoint uses the v8 model, if you use v7 you can still process using v8 and by running a GET request call v7

  • JSON fields for document "is_child" of "parent_of" are not yet displayed, so a webhook notification is the only source to see the child documents.

This is a very beginning of splitting functionality, we appreciate your feedback submitted to support@veryfi.com with the "id" and stating what worked and what didn't. Your feedback helps us improve.

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