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Multipage PDFs with separate invoices inside - not a problem anymore!

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In the current system implementation, if you submit a multipage PDF with different receipts/invoices inside this will be processed as one Document with multiple images.

If you have a multipage PDF with different receipts/invoices inside and want to process those as separate Documents you need to split this before sending it to process.

For your convenience, we implemented a PDF Splitter that allows you to split a multipage PDF with different receipts/invoices inside into multiple Documents.

How it works :

  1. Log in to your Veryfi account via web hub: https://hub.veryfi.com/


  3. Select ADD DOCUMENT option

  4. Select from a drop-down "Upload a PDF with multiple receipts/invoices"

  5. Choose a PDF file from your PC (50 MB max size)

  6. Choose necessary split options (split every page or custom setup)

  7. Press UPLOAD

  8. REFRESH your Documents list

  9. If you REFRESHED several times and still don't see your documents, please make sure your Date filter settings are correct

Let's recap on how Veryfi works with Multipage PDFs:

Multipage PDF = 1 Document with multiple images

  • Email (veryfi.cc)

  • Web app uploader

  • Cloud Storage sync

Multipage PDF = Multiple Separate Documents

  • ADD DOCUMENT (PDF Splitter described above)

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If you have any additional questions, please reach out to our support: support@veryfi.com

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