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"compute" flag Explained
"compute" flag Explained

Get the raw data without enrichment

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Veryfi uses enrichments on several fields to provide high extraction coverage when the data is not present or extracted from the document. For example, Veryfi will calculate line item quantity when line item price and line item total are present but line item quantity is not extracted via the Machine Learning (ML) model. In some cases, you may not want Veryfi to make the calculations and prefer to control the enrichment behavior in your code.

So there is an option to turn off the enrichment for certain fields by using compute flag. This flag disables these calculations and allows the developer to infer their own results.

🧝🏻How do I know if a field was enriched on Veryfi side? If you use confidence details, you can tell it by missing scores and bounding boxes for such values. Read more

compute parameter, by default, it is always true unless a user adds compute:false along with API POST request. If a user specifies compute:false the fields mentioned below will not be enriched on Veryfi side.

List of fields that compute affects:

  • Line_items_quantity

  • Line_items_total

  • date

  • due_date

  • subtotal

  • tax

  • tax_lines_rate

  • tip

  • total

🥷🏽 Be cautious using this parameter, while it can resolve one trouble for one field it can affect other fields (since it skips the calculation for multiple fields).

For more information and parameters that users can specify for API requests, please visit Interactive API.

👉 compute is available for API v8* only.
*API v7 is in maintenance mode, the current production API version is v8. Read more

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