Tags help in categorizing, tracking, and retrieving specific data points based on criteria or preferences

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What is a tag

A tag is a label assigned to a document to provide additional information, classification, or organization. Tags help in categorizing, tracking, and retrieving specific data points based on criteria or preferences. They enhance customization, organization, and analysis capabilities within the processed data by Veryfi.

Tags in Veryfi

In addition to categories, Veryfi also supports the use of tags. Tags provide users with the ability to apply specific labels to API call documents and individual line items. This feature allows for further customization and organization of data at both the document and line item levels.

Users can assign one or multiple tags to capture additional information or add further context to their processed data. This flexibility in applying tags enhances the granularity and specificity of data organization and retrieval within Veryfi.

There are two fields in Veryfi for this purpose

  • tags - document level tags

  • line_item_level_ tags - document level tags

There is one request parameter

  • tags "body" parameter to parse a tag or a list of tags along with a request.

👀 Please refer to API Documentation to get the full API schema and limitations.

Use cases for tags

Project or Client Tracking: tags can be used to associate transactions with a specific project or client.

Analytics and Insights: tags can provide additional data points for analysis and generating insights. By analyzing documents based on different tags, users can uncover patterns, trends, or outliers that provide valuable insights into spending behavior, cost drivers, or opportunities for optimization.

Personalized Organization and Filtering: tags allow users to personalize how they organize and filter their data. Users can create custom tags that align with their specific needs or preferences, enabling them to group expenses according to their desired criteria or organization structure.

And many more...

line_item_tags in CPG loyalty campaigns help support campaign tracking, promotion analysis by line and by product, segmentation, reward point allocation, and performance analysis. By utilizing line item tags, marketers can gain valuable insights, personalize marketing efforts, optimize loyalty programs, and drive customer engagement and satisfaction within the CPG space.

How to use tags

Send a tag or multiple tags along with API POST request and it will add those tags to the document’s tags field in JSON response upon successful processing.

Alternatively, you can apply both document level and line item level tags after processing manually one by one or in bulk using Rules in the web interface

How to access tags

To enhance user convenience, our Veryfi Portal provides easy access to all created and assigned tags. Users can view and manage their tags directly from the web user interface. This streamlined access allows users to quickly retrieve and review tagged data, enabling efficient organization and analysis. Users can drill down into insights and gain valuable information directly from the web portal, providing a comprehensive overview of their tagged data.

Tags section can be found under Data Transformation > Tags section

How to manage tags

Add a new tag

  1. Add manually via Veryfi Portal

  2. dd automatically from your system with a new request. If you send a new tag that does not exist in your account, Veryfi will detect it and record it as a new tag

Delete/ Remove a tag

  • To remove a tag from a document in the web portal update the document details by un-clicking the tag

  • To delete a tag from your account, go to Tags section, select the tag, and confirm the deletion, Please note that once you delete the tag all documents that were assigned with this tag will be unmapped and you will lose your historical data.

Edit existing tag

  • To rename a tag, go to the Tags section and press on a tag's name it should let you change the name. Please note that once the change is accepted it will be applied to all document that has this tag.


Veryfi offers the ability to automate tagging using rules and data transformation options. Users can define specific criteria or conditions within the rules engine to automatically assign tags to their data. This automation saves time and effort by eliminating the need for manual tagging.

To get more flexibility users can create automation on their code side and apply the tag or use Veryfi data transformation with rules.

Automation can be set up inside the Rules section that lives under Data Transformation > Rules section

Have questions, feel free to contact support@veryfi.com

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