E-receipts are not only good for the environment, they are also much easier to account for (one of the biggest problems in expense management is when someone loses their receipts).

So let’s embrace the digital revolution and go paperless! With Veryfi, it’s a natural fit.

How it works

If you have a receipt or invoice document in your email inbox, you can forward it to Veryfi using your unique email address for data extraction.

Veryfi will automatically extract all the data from it and create a transaction for you to review. Then you can edit the receipt or invoice directly from your Veryfi Inbox.

Set Gmail Auto-forwarding to Veryfi

Set Outlook Web App Auto-forwarding to Veryfi


Save paper, time and headache by centralizing all your bills into Veryfi automatically. For any service which issues you bills, opt-in for an email bill forwarding the bill to your Veryfi assigned email address.

You can also setup your email client to forward all your bills to your Veryfi email address and achieve the same outcome.


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  2. Plain Text

  3. PDF

  4. Image Attachment

Where do I find my veryfi.cc email?

Common Questions

Q. Will Veryfi read attachments?

A. Yes

Q. Can I send multiple attachments in 1 email?

A. Yes. All attachments will be combined into 1 PDF and will be processed as 1 transaction. If you want attachments be processed as separate transactions, please send those in separate emails.

Q. Will Veryfi read POS (point-of-sale) generated receipt emails?

A. Yes. Veryfi will even follow the link they send in the email that point directly to a receipt hosted on their end.

Q. Can I customize the email address domain name to my own?

A. Yes. Please contact support@veryfi.com and we will help you whitelabel the experience for you and your users.

Q. Can I forward all my bills to Veryfi?

A. Yes. We recommend it. See above Eco-Bill.

Q. I don't want to receive emails with confirmation that my e-receipt has been processed. How do I turn it off?

A. Please go to Settings>Profile>AUTO-FORWARD EMAILED RECEIPTS & BILLS BACK TO ME? Toggle OFF.

Q. I forwarded receipts to my Veryfi email, but I am not sure if it got processed?

Where have my digital emails gone to?

(a) Did you give it enough time?

On average, it takes 3-5 minutes from the time the email was sent for it to be processed. At rare instances, up to 15 minutes.

(b) Did you check your spam / junk folders?

Veryfi sends a confirmation email when a digital receipt is processed. See if you can find it inside your spam folder. If so, it means the document was processed and you may need to adjust your Document filters (step d below) to show the processed document. In case if it failed to process you should receive an email stating the error.

(c) Is your Document's filter showing a different timeframe?

Check the date range and settings (esp. order by created date) of your documents filter in case you are viewing last month's data or a range that's outside the date of the emailed document. Examples below how to change this:

If you experience any problem or need help setting this up, then please reach out to support@veryfi.com , we are here for you and enjoy learning from your experience.

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