Duplicate Spike Alert

Be on top of duplicate submissions

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Duplicate Spike Alert

The "Duplicate Spike Alert" feature is designed to be a part of the Veryfi fraud detection and prevention framework. It aims to address three primary use cases: Fraud Prevention, Abuse by a bad actor, and Developer error.

Fraud Prevention

Alerts on attempts to upload the same receipt/invoice to gain financial rewards.

Abuse by a bad actor

Intentional attack on your platform.

Developer Error

There is a mistake in the code which is causing API requests to be sent repeatedly in a loop.

The "Duplicates Spike Alert" feature is designed to send email notifications when an excessive number of duplicate documents are submitted. By customizing the Threshold setting, you can specify the percentage of hourly volume that will trigger the alert email. Each hour, the system compares the number of duplicate documents with the total documents processed during that hour. If the number of duplicates exceeds the specified threshold, an email is automatically sent to [your account administrator email]. This gives you the opportunity to take corrective action promptly if necessary.

How to enable and configure

By default, the feature is turned off for all customers. To enable and customize the thresholds, please follow these steps.

  1. Scroll down to Email Notification Preferences

  2. First Toggle on to enable this feature

  3. Second, configure a threshold

Threshold Customization

Users with admin rights can customize the threshold percentage. Each user with admin access will have the ability to enable/disable the alert as well as set/update the company-wide threshold. As a new threshold setting apply, the change will overwrite the previous threshold value, and the new threshold setting will then be applied company-wide. This allows for centralized management of the threshold value while providing flexibility for admins to adjust the setting as needed to meet specific requirements or adapt to changing conditions.

Duplicate Spike Alert Triggers

Every hour, the system checks the percentage of duplicates against the total volume of documents submitted for that period. As soon as the volume hits 50 documents per hour and the percentage of duplicates exceeds the threshold, an email notification is sent to the company administrator.

πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸš’ Kindly be aware that this feature only becomes operational once the hourly volume of documents reaches 50. But if any customization is required, please contact support@veryfi.com.

To avoid spamming, the system should send no more than 3 emails within a 24-hour period. Additionally, an internal alert will be sent to support@veryfi.com, so the support team could take action or escalate.

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