So you sent an email to your Veryfi email address for processing. Now, where is it? Here are a few things to check:

(a) Did you give it enough time?

 On average it takes 3-5 minutes from the time the email was sent for it to be processed. At rare instances up to 15 minutes.

(b) Did you send it to the right email address?

 Your Veryfi email address for processing receipts ends with not You can find your personal email address inside  Profile settings in the Web hub or inside the Veryfi Mobile app Dashboard.

(c) Did you check your spam / junk folders?

 Veryfi also sends a confirmation email when a digital receipt is processed. See if you can find it inside your spam folder. If so, it means the document was processed and you may need to adjust your Document filters (step d below) to show the processed document.

(d) Is your Document's filter showing a different timeframe?

 Check the date range and settings (esp. order by created date) of your documents filter incase you are viewing last month's data or a range that's outside of the date of the emailed document. Examples below how to change this:

Document filter inside the Web app (hub)

Document filter inside the Mobile app

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If you still can't find the document, then please contact and will be happy to help. 

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