How to Generate Last Month Report

Veryfi sends Last Month's Report automatically on the 2nd of each new month. Here's how to generate your own.

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For Veryfi Subscribers, Veryfi automatically sends Last Month's Report on the 2nd of the new month.

Those reports arrive via email and are also available inside the Veryfi web and mobile apps for download.

If for some reason you did not get yours, or want to generate your own, here's how.

How to generate your own monthly report

  1. Navigate to Reports (left menu nav) or go direct

  2. Click on GENERATE A REPORT blue button (located top far right)

4. Enter the fields as shown below and then press CREATE REPORT blue button (located bottom far right)

5. That's it. In few minutes you will see your report listed under the Reports ALL and MONTHLY tabs.

BONUS: Advanced Options

You can further customize your report by pressing the SHOW ADVANCED OPTION (blue horizontal dotted section shown below) revealing more filters to narrow down and customize your report by.

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