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How to add a category or many, edit one or many categories and delete categories

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What is a Category?

In accounting, every transaction needs to belong to a Chart of Accounts (COA). In Veryfi, we call this "Category".

Each new account comes preloaded with a set of default Categories. These are the same Categories used inside Quickbooks. You can change and delete these anytime here:

Additional settings

Are located here and allow you to:
(a) Share your Category list with your team
(b) Enable your team to create their own Categories

How to Add a Category

  1. Press the + ADD CATEGORY blue button as shown below

3. A modal pops up with a form where you can add a New Tax Code with associated Category Name, Type (Money In or Money Out) and a Budget (as shown below). 

How to Edit a Category

From the Categories page (, simply press the blue dashed underline link where the Name is to Edit it in place. When done, hit enter (or outside the container) to save it.

How to Delete a Category

This icon (above) means more. Press it and you will see MORE options for a specific row (as shown below). In the dropdown context menu you will see an option called "Delete". Pressing it will prompt you whether you want to delete a category.

How to delete multiple Categories at once

The checkboxes on each row open up BULK OPTIONS (as shown below). Therefore, checking multiple rows will allow you to delete all those selected rows at once as shown below. Try it out. A confirmation window will always prompt you to confirm your action incase it was made by a mistake or as a test.

What happens to Documents when I delete their Categories?

If you Delete a Category(ies) that is/are assigned to one or multiple Documents, Veryfi will automatically unmap those documents from the deleted Category(ies). Your documents will then show a red "Select category" as shown below.


If your Veryfi Account is connected to an external Accounting application like QuickBooks or Xero, destructive changes like delete do not sync to your cloud accounting app.

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