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How to manage my Veryfi Clients

For Accountants, Bookkeepers, CPAs and Trusted Advisors wanting to manage their client books (account)

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To manage your client books (account) your account needs to be setup as an ACCOUNTANT account.
(a) you registered from this url and
(b) inside Veryfi web app you see CLIENTS in the left hand side menu (as shown below)

How to manage your clients

  • Your clients need to be added by you inside the Client's section (

  • From there ADD A CLIENT (as shown below).

  • Once a client has been added, you will see them listed as per the example below.

  1. Find the client you want to manage and then press MANAGE CLIENT blue button as highlighted below.

2. You will be prompted to verify your request to manage that client. Click OK, MANAGE to continue.

3. Veryfi then takes you into your CLIENT account. Note you are on the Client's Team as an ACCOUNTANT (also an admin). Now you have full access to your client's account and can make changes, run reports etc...

4. To go back to your own account, press the icon/name of the Active Account (as illustrated above) to change back to your own account.

Video: Managing your Clients inside Veryfi

You can also watch a video on how to Manage your Clients here:

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