Have Clients that work with different Currencies and have different Date Formats? No worries!  Jut set Client`s Currency & Date Format for that sub-account as default one.

Please see steps below:

  1. Log in to your Account via Veryfi web hub [https://hub.veryfi.com]

  2. Find the Client you want to manage and then press MANAGE CLIENT blue button as highlighted below

3. You will be prompted to verify your request to manage that client. Click OK, MANAGE to continue

4. Veryfi then takes you into your CLIENT account

5. Being logged into your CLIENT account, please go to Profile Settings

6. Under Profile Settings change the Default Currency, Default Time Zone and/or Overwrite Date Format for that sub-account within CLIENT

7. You can also enable Auto Currency Detection on receipts for that sub-account to imprive currency detection fro your Client

8. Don`t forget to press SAVE button to apply changes

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