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How to Bulk assign / Bulk edit your Data
How to Bulk assign / Bulk edit your Data

Bulk assign or edit Categories, Tags, Vendors, Payments, Billable, Customers, Reimbursable, Archived data and Delete documents

Updated over a week ago

Note: Bulk assign / bulk edit is only available inside the Web app Veryfi product.

How to bulk assign using Veryfi's hub (web app)

  1. Login to hub (web portal):

  2. Once logged in, navigate to Documents (from left menu).

  3. In the Documents view, you will see a prefix checkbox next to each document and one in the header.
    – Pressing the top header one activates de/select all and
    – Pressing the individual one select a single document.

  4. Then press the bulk action you want to apply to the selected documents.

  5. Make the right corrections and you are done. It’s that simple.

Watch this 3 min video for more details:

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