This feature is only available on the Veryfi Hub (Web App) located here inside the INBOX.

1 . Open the transaction you want to stitch an extra document to. Note the highlighted "STITCH MORE" feature link sitting below the document preview window.

If you don't see this, you might need to scroll down the modal window.

2. Press "STITCH MORE" blue button and then select a file to add to this transaction. A confirmation window will show up.

3. Press "YES, STITCH IT" blue button to continue. A progress window confirming the upload shows up.

4. When done. The modal window with your transaction will refresh the Preview showing you the NEW image you stitched.

Note our dry sense of humor in the screenshot below :-)

Please note

If you stitch an additional image to a document that has already been synced to QuickBooks Online/Xero, unlike other edits or changes to document details, this update will not be synced to QuickBooks Online/Xero.

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