E-receipts are not only good for the environment, they are also much easier to account for (one of the biggest problems in expense management is when someone loses their receipts). 

So let’s embrace the digital revolution and go paperless! With Veryfi, it’s a natural fit.

Watch these video instructions to get more insights:

a) BUDGETING (or expense management): Forward your online bills or statements directly into Veryfi to keep track of your expenses. Every service you use online allows you to enroll in “paperless billing” for things like utilities, phone and internet, credit cards, or other services like Netflix and Amazon. Set this up and give them your @veryfi.cc and let Veryfi do the rest. Easy!

(b) DIGITAL RECEIPTS: Use your @veryfi.cc with retailers like HomeDepot, Hardware House, Bunnings, Macy’s, Walmart etc and avoid the spam email that comes from the convenience they offer you for digital receipts.

(c) FINANCIAL PROSPERITY: Do you have existing receipts in the form of photos, PDFs, or plain text documents? Just forward them to your Veryfi email address for processing and now it's all inside Veryfi for you to take control of your finances.All receipts, bills and statements forwarded to your @veryfi.cc email address will end up in your Veryfi Inbox (and mobile app) within 5 minutes of being sent. 


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If you have any additional questions, please reach out to our support: support@veryfi.com 

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