Error Message:

Business Validation Error:  There is no account associated with the item. Is it marked for purchase and has an account associated with it?

Why this Sync Error happens:

This error occurs when an expense or bill with Items (Cost Codes) is attempting to sync to QuickBooks Online, but the Item(s) on the expense or bill are not set up for use in Payables/Purchasing in QuickBooks Online.

How to Fix the Sync Error:

In QuickBooks Online, set up the Purchasing information for the Item(s):

  1. Click the gear icon

  2. Click Products and Services

  3. Double-click the Item Name

  4. Complete the Purchasing Information section

  5. Save

   6. Once changes are saved in QBO, re-sync this document from Veryfi to QuickBooks Online .

If this doesn't solve it, please contact us

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