Error Message:

Failed to create new Vendor. Please choose Vendor from existing QuickBooks Online Vendors, or allow Veryfi to create new vendors.

Why this Sync Error happens:

This error occurs when user refuses permission to allow Veryfi creating new Vendors in QuickBooks Online.

How to Fix the Sync Error:

To fix this error either change the Vendor for this documents to the one that already exists In QuickBooks Online, or:

  1. In Veryfi Navigate to Connected Apps

  2. Click on Edit for QuickBooks Online card

  3. Check the checkbox for "If no matching Vendor found, allow Veryfi to create new Vendors in QuickBooks"

  4. Click on Save

Once the settings are updated Veryfi will try to re-upload those documents that failed to upload due to this error.

If this doesn't solve it, please contact us

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